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See the World through New Eyes

By reappraising the luxury SUV category, Bentley reshaped and, ultimately, redefined it to create an extraordinary vehicle designed to take its occupants to extraordinary places. Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley’s first SUV allows the driver to see through new eyes, from epic landscapes outside of the car to breathtaking detail within it. Whether in new environments off-road, or familiar ones on it, Bentayga has become the benchmark for both performance and exclusivity.

Another first for Bentayga

One year on, in the same way that Bentley reimagined the SUV, it has also reappraised the performance of the diesel engine with the arrival of the new Bentayga Diesel. As Bentley’s first ever diesel, it is the car for every kind of journey – be it just around the corner or setting off for the furthermost corners of the planet. It combines practicality, power, luxury and technological prowess in equal measure. It has the capability to impose itself on challenging terrains, yet with the craftsmanship and finesse to withstand extreme scrutiny.

Go far beyond the ordinary

Bentayga also sees the introduction of a seven seat configuration option for both models in the range. This makes Bentayga the only luxury SUV with four, five and seven seat configurations in one body style. Everything from the shortest journeys to endurance expeditions can be undertaken in an atmosphere of purposeful calm and pure driving pleasure.

What will Bentayga reveal to you?

Bentayga is unlike any other sport utility vehicle in the world. This all purpose car offers a motoring experience beyond what is expected of an SUV, with unparalleled levels of luxury and blistering performance for both driver and passengers alike.

Bentley has seen through new eyes. Now, it’s your turn.

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