Hiding In Plain Sight

Automotive manufacturers apply camouflage to their prototypes, concealing the design details. To disguise the new SUV, Bentley adopted a diamond lattice graphic device inspired by the stitching pattern of the car’s leather interior.

In Chapter 2 of our story, the representation of the lattice symbolises the sense of the SUV’s control as it traverses the wilderness.

The new Bentley Bentayga - we see light

Camouflage seen through new eyes

The Bentley SUV warrants a revolutionary approach to camouflage. One that draws on Bentley’s rich iconography and encourages the world to see through new eyes.

The New Bentley Bentayga - inspired by art

Finding inspiration in art

The development of the camouflage sparked a journey through British art history, to 1960s London, when pioneers like Bridget Riley began experimenting with optical illusion.

The new Bentley Bentayga - looking closer to home

Looking Closer To Home

The team examined some of Bentley’s most recognisable visual icons: the Flying B, the matrix grille pattern and the diamond quilting design used in Bentley’s most luxurious interiors.

The new Bentley Bentayga - hiding in plain sight

A different kind of disguise

The diamond pattern was twisted into a lattice, evocative of topography while affecting the appearance of snakeskin. It’s a skin that will soon be shed, revealing the SUV’s beauty to the world.