See Texture

Nowhere in the world are cars crafted with the same passion and skill as they are in the Bentley factory. Because, when it comes to the way we experience a car, the way it feels matters just as much as the way it looks. Texture is everything. That’s why veneers are sanded and varnished repeatedly, before being passed for use inside a Bentley. It’s why leather hides are only accepted from farmers whose animals graze at high altitudes – where it’s colder and insect bites are less common, leading to fewer imperfections in the leather. And it’s why every Bentley upholsterer signs his own name on the back of the hide when completing a seat.

With the arrival of the Bentayga, the world will see craftsmanship of this calibre applied to the SUV for the first time. For those lucky enough to experience it, new heights of luxury will be reached. For the rest of the world, the SUV category will never look the same again.


The New Bentley Bentayga - inspired by art

Finding inspiration in art

From the outset, the Bentayga was going to be revolutionary. And a revolutionary car warrants a revolutionary approach, in every aspect of its development. When it came to designing the camouflage that would disguise the car during its open-air tests, inspiration was sought in the art world: in particular, the work of 1960s Op Art pioneer Bridget Riley, famous for her use of optical illusions in her paintings.

The concept behind the Bentayga’s camouflage was inspired by Op Art, but the detail of the design itself based was on Bentley’s own heritage. The team examined some of Bentley’s most recognisable visual icons: the Flying B, the matrix grille pattern and the diamond quilting design used in Bentley’s most luxurious interiors. The resulting pattern was twisted into a lattice, the aim being to evoke topography while at the same time, affecting the shimmering appearance of snakeskin.

The new Bentley Bentayga - hiding in plain sight

A different kind of disguise

When finished, so reflective was the camouflage design of the Bentley brand and its values,that it went on to become a key element in the visual documentation of the Bentayga’s development. Look closely and you’ll see a hint of it in every Bentayga film to date – a motif that, like the grille pattern and quilting it is based on, can only be found in a Bentley.

Nevertheless, the camouflage pattern is a skin that will ultimately be shed – in late 2015, when the Bentayga is finally revealed to the world.



To truly understand the relationship between the texture of physical materials and the experience of driving the Bentayga, you need to see how the two are intertwined; you need to see each aspect through new eyes. In this film, two landscapes come together: the craft of leatherwork and the striking beauty of a desert wilderness. It’s a story that is told in a symphony of overlapping lines: the ridge of the sand dune, the blade of the scissors and the edge of the Earth.